Horology is the study of the science and art of timekeeping devices. Clocks, watches, and marine chronometers are examples of instruments used to measure time. The name of the study is derived from the Latin word hora, meaning "hour" but can be taken to mean "time" or season.

(Westminster Palace - The Clock Tower and Great Clock; Source: The Illustrated London News, August 2, 1856)

The leading scholarly horological organisations for non-professionals are:
  1. Antiquarian Horological Society - AHS (United Kingdom)

  2. Association Française des Amateurs d'Horlogerie Ancienne - AFAHA (France)

  3. British Horological Institute - BHI (United Kingdom)

  4. Chronometrophilia (Switzerland)

  5. Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Chronometrie - DGC (Germany)

  6. HORA Associazione Italiana Cultori di Orologeria Antica (Italy)

  7. National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors - NAWCC (United States of America)