Swiss Watch Export 2006

Exports of finished watches
Finished watches accounted for over 90% of export value, showing sustained growth above the sector's average. At 12.7 thousand million francs, the increase was 11.6%. This was achieved by exporting 24.9 million wristwatches - 500,000 more than in 2005 - for a rise of 2.1%. The number of pieces exported has stabilised around 25 million since 2003, following a drop during the previous ten years.

Mechanical and electronic watches

2006 was a particularly good year for mechanical watches, with their value increasing by 17.0% and their number by 11.6%. Once again, they gained market share, accounting for almost two thirds of the total value for only 15.1% of units sold. Electronic timepieces, however, recorded more modest growth. Their overall value exceeded the 2005 level by 2.5%, while the number of pieces remained more or less stable at +0.5%.