Zenith, Movado, and Zenith/Movado

Strangely that nothing about the alliance was mentioned in the "History" sections of both Movado or Zenith websites. Movado and Zenith may regard the alliance as a "dark era" in both of their history.

Founded in Le Locle by Georges Favre-Bulle as "Fabrique des Billodes"
1881 Founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds by Achille Ditesheim, initially under the name "A.I. Ditesheim," shortly afterwards, when Ditesheim's brothers Leopold and Isidor joined the company, renamed to "L.A.I. Ditesheim"
1906 After Leopold's twin brother Isaac has joined the company in the early 20th century, it is renamed to "Fabrique Movado, L.-A.-J. Ditesheim & frère" on October 11, 1906. "Movado" is the Esperanto word for "on the move"
The company becomes a stock company under the name "Fabrique des Montres Zenith"
1947 The signature "Museum" dial was given birth by the artist Nathan George Horwitt
1969 The "Mondia-Zenith-Movado" holding is founded.

Zenith's classic El Primero movement, the first integrated automatic chronograph, was born in the same year

1971 The American Zenith Radio Corporation, Chicago, IL, brought the "Zenith/Movado"; the identical name was a pure coincidence
1978 "Zenith/Movado" was bought by Paul Castella's "Dixi" group and came under Swiss ownership again. Condition: The watches must not be sold in the USA
1983 Movado was bought out by Gedalio Grinberg (Concord was being acquired by Gedalio since 1970). Movado's annual turnover was $ 4 million at this time. In 1987, it was $ 60 million!
1996 Gedalio's corporation became officially known as the "Movado Group Inc."
Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) acquired ZENITH Manufacture. Ebel was also acquired by the LVMH Group in the same year

Ebel was acquired by the Movado Group