How A Fake Rolex Would Look Like

A replica will not only look shabby on your wrist, it will also show your dim-wittedness over your purchase.

1/ Clear Caseback - It is the easiest way to recognize a counterfeit, Rolex has never been making a watch with a "skeleton caseback" in his history.

2/ Engraved Caseback - Again, Rolex does not engrave the caseback with logos, hallmarks, or designs (as shown in the example above). Genuine Rolex models will have a "smooth" caseback, and are free of these engravings.

The rare exceptions to this are ladies' models (prior to the mid 1990's) which had "Original Rolex Design" or a similar variation engraved on the caseback in an arc fashion. Another exception is on the Sea-Dweller case backs which will have "ROLEX OYSTER ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE" engraved around the outside of the caseback in an arc fashion.

3/ Cyclops Magnification Bubble – The crystal on authentic Rolex watches features a “Cyclops bubble” that offers 2.5 times magnification of the date. On fake Rolex watches, this bubble is often off-center or made of glass, and usually approaches only 1.5 times the magnification.

4/ Micro-etched Crystal - Since 2002, Rolex marks his coronet symbol into the crystal (just below the 6 o’clock position). Though it is difficult to see with naked eyes, but it can be identified under magnification. The detail is so precised that the logo cannot be replicated accurately by the counterfeits.

You will notice that the fake etching is "similar" to that in the genuine example,
the biggest difference being that the "balls" on the tips of the fake are so small.

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