Amongst vintage watch collectors, one may regard "LeCoultre" as watches made by Jaeger-LeCoultre, where they were only cased, timed and marketed for the Americans to avoid high tariffs of the time upon imported watches.

In fact, the "LeCoultre" was made by Longines-Wittnauer between 1935-1985, and JLC movements were used. However, cases were supplied by Longines-Wittnauer's suppliers.

(Though it is not a real JLC, yet it looks great)

As quoted, "Most LeCoultre brand watches were manufactured by a U.S. company called Longines & Wittnauer. This company purchased movements from our company and manufactured their own watches with the brand name "LeCoultre" between 1935-1985. This company is no longer in business in the U.S. and they did not maintain any archived records that we are aware of. This company was not a part of our firm and did not have any legal connection to our company. We were their supplier for movements."

Therefore, "LeCoultre" was not an affiliation of Jaeger-LeCoultre.