Not so expensive, but stylish. A high-grade Russian brand.

Russian watch making has been around for decades. With "the First Moscow Watch Factory" celebrating its 75th anniversary recently, Russian watches offer the great opportunity to enjoy mechanical timekeeping without having to open a Swiss bank account to own one.

Vostok- Europe - Arktika (Ref.:2432/3409044)
Precision automatic / self-winding mechanism
Decorated 2432 Vostok movement with blued parts and black rotor
32 ruby jewels
Central second hand
24-hours indicator
Two colour day and night indicator
Totally wound watch runs not less than 31 hours
Shock resistance balance
5 atm water resistant
Date calendar
All stainless steel 34 x 46 mm case
Transparent back cover
Engraved serial number
Genuine leather strap
3 mkm goldplating

The Vostok Company was founded in 1942 when one of the Moscow watch-making plants of the First Moscow Watch Factory was evacuated to Chistopol.

Though only defense equipments were produced during the war years, the company started making mechanical wrist watches as soon as the war was over.

In 1965, Vostok was appointed as an official supplier of watches for the Defense Department of the Soviet Union.

Vostok-Europe debuted in 2004 when a partnership between Vostok and the Koliz Company of Vilnius, Lithuania had formed in 2004.

By using only 100% Russian-made automatic mechanical movements, Vostok-Europe has quickly established itself as a leader in producing high-quality, but affordable timekeeping devices.

All Vostok-Europe watches are hand-assembled, numbered and limited in the releases.