Mozart Symphony No.41 (UNKLE Version)

01. Australian National University100
02. University of Melbourne95
03. University of Sydney93
04. University of Queensland84
05. University of New South Wales81
06. Monash University75
07. University of Western Australia68
08. University of Adelaide63
09. Macquarie University56
10. Queensland University of Technology53
11. University of Wollongong52
12. La Trobe University52
13. University of Newcastle51
14. University of Tasmania50
15. Griffith University50
16. University of Technology,Sydney49
17. Curtin University of Technology48
18. Flinders University48
19. Murdoch University47
20. RMIT University46
21. University of South Australia46
22. Deakin University45
23. University of New England45
24. University of Western Sydney44
25. James Cook University44
26. Swinburne University of Technology43
27. Southern Cross University41
28. University of Canberra41
29. Victoria University41
30. Australian Catholic University40
31. Charles Sturt University40
32. University of Southern Queensland38
33. University of Ballarat38
34. University of the Sunshine Coast38
35. Edith Cowan University37
36. Charles Darwin University30
37. Central Queensland University30


PPR x Girard-Perregaux

PPR and Girard-Perregaux had signed a long-term strategic partnership in the early June, 2008.

Girard-Perregaux Jackpot T0urbillon

PPR will own a 23% interest in the Sowind Group, with the possibility of increasing its stake under the terms of a shareholders' agreement.

The agreement confirms the Gucci Group’s (a subsidiary of PPR) goal of building a strong presence in the Haute Horlogerie segment.

The Boucheron Tiara

The Boucheron tiara was left to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother by the Hon. Mrs Greville from Boucheron in London on 8th January, 1921. It was made up from the customers stones which were taken from an old tiara. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother asked for the height of the tiara to be increased by adding a number of brilliant cut diamonds and a single marquise cut diamond in 1953.

Luigi Macaluso, the Chairman and CEO of the Sowind Group will join the Gucci Group Management Committee and the Boucheron (a subsidiary of the Gucci Group) Board of Directors.

Source: Girard-Perregaux

Stardust - Black Diamond

Black is black. Is a Black Diamond really a Diamond?

Black Diamond was an astonishing discovery of Brazilian hunters in 1840's. Black Diamond is also known as Carbonado. It means burned or carbonized in Portuguese. From the visual appearance, it is not hard to associate Black Diamond with porous charcoal.

Black Diamond is similar to Diamond. It is made of earthly organic carbon. However, it is porous, and composed of millions of minute crystals. Chemical analysis shows that Black Diamond is resembled from surface carbons and contains trace elements of nitrogen and hydrogen.

Black diamonds are found almost exclusively in Brazil and the Central African Republic. But why are they only found in Brazil and Central Africa?

Researchers found that the chemical properties of Black Diamonds indicate the precious stones were some sort of extraterrestrial material. They were formed during a supernova explosion, and brought by an asteroid which hitting the Earth in billions of years ago before the ancient Earth had fractured into South America and Africa.

Spirit of de Grisogono

In this sense, outer space may be the birthplace of these mysterious stones, which were subsequently fell to the Earth from the sky as meteorites.

Reference Source: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Hong Kong

Believe it or not, Hong Kong has already stepped into the heart of the high watchmaking world of Switzerland.

The Peace Mark Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong based company who owns Milus since 2002, has taken over the world no. 3 Swiss watch movement supplier, the STM Group.

As part of the STM Group, Soprod supplies movements to brands like Officine Panerai, Richard Mille, and de Grisogono, etc.
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