The word 'Perfume' is derived from the Latin 'Per Fume' which means through smoke. It is a mixture of aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents which give pleasant smell to people.

Perfume classifications
In general, perfume can be categorized according to the concentration level of the essential / aromatic oils present at the mixture.

20–40 %

Eau de Parfum (EdP):
10–20 %

Eau de Toilette (EdT):
5–10 %

Eau de Cologne (EdC) is originally a local trademark for "Kölnisch Wasser" Cologne, Germany. Outside of Germany, the term has become generic for weakly concentrated perfume:
2–5 %

Eau de Solide (EdS) is usually in a liquid wax base form.
It is a trademark for EdS-Parfums since 1994:
~1 %

Splash, Aftershaves:

Eau Parfum Vaporisateur is a fancy term for "scent water spray".
It is believed the concentration level of the essential / aromatic oils is minimal.

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