It is interesting in seeing some people who are quite fanatic over TOYWATCH. At the cost of US$400+, what would you have got indeed?

TOYWATCH / Cvstos / Richard Mille

1/ Technical Know-how?
Except Toyurbillon, most TOYWATCH are equipped with Miyota Quartz Movements by Citizen. However, no documentation on "Toyurbillon" is available.

2/ Craftmanship?
It is not hardly to believe they are machine made.

3/ Creativity?
Claimed to be inspired by Haute Horology designs, they are more like low-end Replicas. Would it be sad when TOYWATCH claims to be "Anti-Luxury", while they are simply COPYCATS of luxurious timepieces.

TOYWATCH / Audemars Piuget

4/ Fashion Item?
If it is a big deal for you when Madonna, Robbie Williams, and Oprah Winfrey. etc whom did wear TOYWATCH at their shows for several times, I have no say.


The first TOYWATCH was introduced by Marco Mavilla in Milan in 1996. It offers something that "goes beyond mechanical beauty".