Tea plant, Camellia sinensis, is the species of plants whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea.

Camellia sinensis var. sinensis (the small leaf variety) thrives in the cool, high mountain regions of central China and Japan. Camellia sinesnsis var. assamica (the broad leaf variety) grows best in the moist, tropical climates found in Northeast India and the Szechuan and Yunnan provinces of China.

Thru different level of oxidation, 4 types of teas could be produced from Camellia sinensis var. Camellia sinensis var. sinensis. They are black tea (also known as red tea), oolong tea (blue-green tea 青茶), green tea, and white tea.

On the other hand, Pu-er (普洱) is produced from Camellia sinesnsis var. assamica. Unlike other teas which should be consumed shortly after production, pu-er can be aged for years. Much like wine vintages, Pu-er teas are now classified by the region and the year of production.

sources: wikipedia.org

Time To Go

It's finally come to the end of my trip.

Checking out at 11:00 hr and taking the flight at 17:50 hr, I opt for a normal commuter route instead of taking the Narita Express heading to the airport.

If you are in a rush, I would not recommend you in trying it.

It will take at least 180 minutes for the ride via 2 exchange at JR Tokyo and JR Chiba.

But, it is fun!

Tokyo Tower

In the evening, Tokyo Tower is lighted up by over a hundred of floodlights.

Though it look a bit far, it turns out to be just a 15-minute walk from Ropponghi.

At the moment, the Tokyo Tower remains as the world's tallest self-supporting steel tower.

To be frank, it is not hard to realize the structure is 100% inspired by the Eiffel Tower. In which, the tower is painted in white and orange to comply with the air safety regulations.

Built in 1958, the tower's main sources of revenue are tourism and antenna leasing. Over 150 million people have visited the tower since its opening.

Business hoursMain Observatory (150 m)Special Observatory (250 m)
(Last admission 21:45)
(Last admission 21:30)
FloorsTo Main ObservatoryFrom Main Observatory to
Special Observatory
Adult (senior high school students or older)
820 yen600 yen
Children (junior high school students and primary school pupils)
460 yen400 yen
Children (4 years old and over)
310 yen350 yen

sources: http://www.tokyotower.co.jp/english

Unless, you love buildings and artpieces, it wouldn't be a place for you.

Stepping into the Midtown Garden, trees literally battle each other to display the greatest beauty. Also, you will find a lovely museum within the garden.

In "2121 Design Sight", there is an exhibition features works by three artists: potters Lucie Rie and Jennifer Lee and sculptor Ernst Gamperl.

Lucie Rie, who was born in Vienna in 1902 and became widely recognized in post-war Britain, created works that are simple and reserved yet at the same time incorporating bold techniques and modes of expression, exerting a dramatic influence on trends in modern ceramics. Scottish-born Jennifer Lee drew upon influences from Crete and other ancient civilizations but created a very modern style of pottery. Munich-born Ernst Gamperl, with his uncompromising deference toward the nature of wood, is an artist who has produced vessels that seem to reclaim the lives of rough wood and driftwood. Though the works themselves are each fairly small when viewed individually, we are displaying over 100 works by these three artists at the exhibition, thereby giving guests a taste of the limitless universe of "U-Tsu-Wa".

source: 2121 Design Sight, Midtown Garden


Founded in December 1976, FIVE FOXes Co., Ltd. (ファイブフォックス) is an apparel maker for the brand, COMME ÇA DU MODE (it is spelt as comme ca du mode in most time in the Internet World). It was famous for not having a homepage on the Internet. However, its website was finally created for the sake of staff recruitment in August 2007.

1976 - Company established, and COMME ÇA DU MODE was also created.
1978 - First store was created in Sapporo, Hokkaido
1993 - COMME ÇA ISM created
2000 - COMME ÇA Store created


Platinum COMME ÇA
Three Minutes Happiness

"Comme ça" means "like that" in French.
In Japan, people pronounce COMME ÇA ISM as 'kom-sa-izu-mu'.

p.s. There is another well-known Japanese brand, which is headed and owned by Rei Kawakubo 川久保玲 (since 1969), 'Comme des Garçons'. However, the two companies are not related in any sense.

sources: Wikipedia, FIVE FOXes, Comme des Garçons
Top athletes are using their talents to carve out new careers in the theater spotlight.

"Muscle Musical" has been staged in Japan since 2001. At the moment, they are running their show in Shibuya until June 8, 2009. Yeah!

What is it about?

A Cirque du Soleil-esque revue of acrobatic performances by former Japanese athletes, including an ex-Olympian and two world champions.

If Cirque du Soleil is a wow, Muscle Musical is something which pleases your eyes. Guys are gorgeous, gals are fabulous!

sources: the official website, japan times, japan times 2, other photos @ shibuya
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