How To Get To Sunroute Plaza?

If you are lucky enough to get to the New South Gate of Shinjuku JR, your life would be easy.

However, one will naturally be getting out from the Central East Gate for some reason. Strangely enough, the New South Gate is facing to the Central East Gate. Gosh! I must be so bad in Geography. Anyway, it is no harm in getting out from Lumine Estate (i.e. the Central East Gate).

Go straight and get the right turning. Then, you will find yourself right next to the Lumine 2.

Presuming Lumine 2 is on your right hand side, go straight and heading to Lumine 1. Then, you will find a crossing with a big red clock sitting on the wall of the First Kitchen (Fastfood), while Yoshinoya is on your left hand side.

Crossing the road heading to Yoshinoya, and walk straight a bit further (about 30 sec to 60 sec after passing the McDonald), you will find the Hotel Sunroute Plaza is right sitting on the other side of the street.