Unless, you love buildings and artpieces, it wouldn't be a place for you.

Stepping into the Midtown Garden, trees literally battle each other to display the greatest beauty. Also, you will find a lovely museum within the garden.

In "2121 Design Sight", there is an exhibition features works by three artists: potters Lucie Rie and Jennifer Lee and sculptor Ernst Gamperl.

Lucie Rie, who was born in Vienna in 1902 and became widely recognized in post-war Britain, created works that are simple and reserved yet at the same time incorporating bold techniques and modes of expression, exerting a dramatic influence on trends in modern ceramics. Scottish-born Jennifer Lee drew upon influences from Crete and other ancient civilizations but created a very modern style of pottery. Munich-born Ernst Gamperl, with his uncompromising deference toward the nature of wood, is an artist who has produced vessels that seem to reclaim the lives of rough wood and driftwood. Though the works themselves are each fairly small when viewed individually, we are displaying over 100 works by these three artists at the exhibition, thereby giving guests a taste of the limitless universe of "U-Tsu-Wa".

source: 2121 Design Sight, Midtown Garden