Ulysse Nardin - Chairman

With all the hype surrounding Basel 2009, the spotlight was cast on the Chairman by Ulysse Nardin.

Using the kinetic energy of the moving rotor to supply supplemental power to the cell phone, Chairman is definitely the world first luxury smartphone with watch DNA inside its blood.

The phone comes with a 2.8-inch multi-touch screen, finger print reader for phone unlock, 5 megapixel camera, and Wi-Fi, etc.

source: http://uncells.com

Digital Camera - CCD Size vs Pixels

Megapixels madness is very similar to MHz madness in personal computers. The number of pixels that are available in a camera is just one of the elements in determining the photo quality. Another important element that is usually forgotten is the sensor size.

Charge-coupled device (CCD) is an electronic sensor, which captures images thru a group of small light sensors (pixels), and aids to re-create the images in a digital format. This sensor acts like film rolls in the traditional cameras.

When you take a photo, the shutter opens and allows light to hit on each individual pixel.

The amount of light that hits each pixel determines its intensity (also known as the pixel value), and each of pixel records its own pixel value.

For a fixed CCD size the more pixels the CCD supports the smaller each pixel is. On the other hand for a CCD with a fixed number of pixels, the larger the CCD in size the bigger will each pixel be.

Saying Goodby to Claire Philippines

By chance, I've learnt that Marie Claire was saying goodbye to their readers in Philippines lately.

Amazingly amazing!

source: apples-pie.com

A Soul In A Watch

A watch is more than just a piece of a personal accessory which tells you time. It reflects a matter of taste and a matter of class that the wearer belongs to. While creating a watch is a punctilious process, simply looking odd and complicated may not able to meet one's expectation.

A jewellery expert from California, IceLink had brought the market a 6Timezone in 2007. However, an impact wasn't much created.

By putting six individual minute quartz movement into one bezel, how impressive it would be. You know when it can be complicated, why make it simple?

Movement: Hand-wound mechanical, 50-hour power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds and four time zones with day/night indicators
Four zones: New York, Moscow, Tokyo and Geneva
Case: 18K pink or white gold, 62.7 mm x 40.2 mm

Luckily, Icelink is back on track.

In 2009, they are able to find a partner whom can manipulate their mechanical movement in supporting a real "synchronized" 5-time zone in one watch.

It is definitely a world first.

Kim Jones

縱然只是青蜓點水般的相遇, 心內也泛起叫人心亂的漣漪... ...

photo credit: meerkat
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