Hugo Boss

Boss Selection - High-end (Menswear)

BOSS Selection is a collection created with the most sophisticated clientele in mind, offering classic, high quality suits in the designer segment. The collection is characterized by an extraordinary level of quality, both in the materials used as well as the meticulous attention to detail (partially hand finished) extended to the whole production process.

Boss Black - Sophisticated

The men's and women's collections in this line offer a wide range of styles, from formal suits to casualwear and to the more elegant lines of eveningwear. Garments always feature extreme wearability, elegant cut and fabric quality.

Boss Orange - Sporty and Casual

It is the informal and sportswear line for men and women. It is aimed at consumers who prefer to dress casually, appreciate special materials, strong colours and original details, but who also value the workmanship and quality of BOSS garments.

Boss Green - Completely Sporty

BOSS Green, the collection of technical sports attire, is positioned in the upper end of the casual segment and is designed for men who want to look refined both during and after their sporting endeavours. The collection stands out for its use of technical, breathable, and waterproof materials to suit the chosen sport. During the planning phase designers work closely with athletes to test product efficiency.

Hugo - Unconventional

The line includes menswear (HUGO Menswear) and womenswear (HUGO Womenswear), with collections that combine creativity and individuality in a style that is non-conventional and innovative.

source: valentinofashiongroup, hugo boss