My Wine Experience - Barbera

Grasping a bottle of wine off the shelf is never easy. For a safe choice of red, Barbera is definitely one of my favorites.

Barbera is an ancient grape variety with Italian origins. It has been known in Italy since at least the 13th century. Second to Sangiovese, it remains the second most-planted red wine grape in Italy.

The Barbera grape favours warmer climates. It is relatively high in acids, but low in tannins. It is consistent in providing good, and late ripening yields.

Within Italy, the Piedmont region is where the best Barbera grapes are grown, though such areas as Lombardy and Sardinia also produce a great deal.

Outside of Italy the Barbera grape variety is relatively popular in Slovenia, as well as in California and increasingly in Australia.

Gapsted Wines - Barbera 2006 (Red)
King Valley, Australia
HKD 210+

Nose: Fragrant and intense showing spice, red berry fruits and hints of vanilla.
Palate: A soft supple palate showing good concentration of sweet, ripe and plump black cherry fruit. Silky tannins and bright acidity, mingling with the vanillin oak provide the structure and the finish.

Its high acidicity along with a low tanin level makes it a good match with tomato, mushroom and herb based dishes.