European Courts Rejects Louis Vuitton Claim Against Google AdWords

When users search on key trademark terms relating to LVMH, rival products and even counterfeits appear.

In 2005, LVMH won a court case in France against the US internet giant, Google of infringing its copyright by selling trademark search terms relating to its products to rivals.

In June last year, Google succeeded in gaining a hearing for an appeal at the European Court of Justice (EJC) over the LVMH court case.

After a four-year legal battle, the appeal has come to an end.

Louis Vuitton Hong Kong Landmark
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On 22nd September, ECJ advocate general Luis Miguel Poiares Maduro dismissed the claim, "Google has not infringed trademark rights by allowing advertisers to buy keywords corresponding to registered trademarks."

Maduro added that consumers were unlikely to confuse the original brand for a fake while searching on the web.

source: (case: C-236/08),,


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