Climate of India

India has three major seasons. They are Winter, Summer, and the Monsoon.

Winter months (November-March) are bright and pleasant, with snowfall in the northern hills.
Photo Credit:
"Evening" by Nandalal Bose, 1941

Summer time (April-June) is hot in most parts of India. But, the numerous hill resorts do provide cool retreat.
"Bharat Mata" by H.F. Husain
News on Mr. Husain: Husain deserves to be home and painting, says court

During the Monsoon, rainfall is heavy along the West Coast between June and September, and along the East Coast between mid-October and December.
Photo Credit:
"Deluge" by Brij M. Sondhi - It depicted an evening in the season of monsoon in Assam, the North East India, where Brij M. Sondhi took his newly wedded bride