Casa Silva Colchagua Valley Viognier 2006

Viognier is the only grape used for the Northern Rhône appellations Condrieu and Château-Grillet (one of France's smallest appellation contrôlée, with less than ten acres and only one owner).It is also sometimes used to add fragrance and to soften and lighten the syrah in Côte Rotie.

Casa Silva Colchagua Valley Viognier 2006
This Viognier seems like to be the last in stock at the cellar I visited.
A bit aged, and heavy when it was just opened.

Sitting on the table for 30 minutes, better tastes were started to develope.

So far, the bitter taste had gone.
Though the nose is weak, a bit of grapefruit was found on the palate.

In general, I believe Viognier would be a safe choice.
Sadly, not much information about it is available on net.

Plantings of viognier in France have expanded in recent years from the Rhône (1,830 acres), to the Languedoc (3,440 ac.) to smaller plantings in Roussillon (212 ac.) and Provence (272 ac.).

Viognier seemed literally an endangered variety only a few years ago, but seems to be recovering worldwide in both popularity and acreage.