Blue Sapphires (藍寶石)

Scary or not, Sapphire is the fastest acting gemstone of all kinds. It shows its positive or negative effects within 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. Wearers should be worn with caution. If it is beneficial, one may get more money and get problems sorting out. On the contrary, it may brings financial losses and quarrels when it is unfavourable to the wearer.
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When people talk about Sapphire, they generally mean the natural Blue Sapphire gemstones. Sapphire is a form of Aluminium Oxide known as Corundum.

Pure Corundum is in fact clear. Blue Corundum (Sapphire) is made up of Corundum (Al2O3), Iron, and Titianium impurities (Fe2+ & Ti4+). Primarily, the Titanium is responsible for the Blue coloration.

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Sapphire is set apart from other gemstones by their exceptional hardness (Grade 9 out of 10 on the Mohs' scale). They are the hardest gemstone which is only second to diamonds, and are now a very popular diamond engagement ring alternative.

my lovely sapphire ring (30 stones, ~4 carats) from jaipur, india

Sapphires are mined all over the world (including Africa, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Ceylon, India, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam). The oldest Sapphire mines are located in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), where gemstones were mined in ancient times. Sapphires mined from Sri Lanka are still called Ceylon sapphires and are highly sought after by collectors and the public for their luminosity and brilliance.
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Sapphire do exist in other brilliant colors like yellow, orange, pink, purple and green. Red Sapphires are better known as Rubies, while the other non-blue Sapphires are known as "Fancy Sapphires".

Due to caution should be taken before wearing Sapphire, one should not wear Pearl, Coral, or Ruby along with it.

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