Temple Street @ Jordon / Yaumatei

Temple Street is the most famous open-air market in Hong Kong. It opens from 2:00pm till late. But, it really comes to life at dusk.

Haven't been to Temple Street for ages, my friend & I were so impressed!

At night-time, special foods like oyster omelet (煎蠔餅), stir-fried shellfish (炒蜆), stir-fried paddy snail / tung fung conch (炒田螺/東風螺), special rice / food clay pot (煲仔飯/菜), etc are everywhere.

i.e We made up our mind to go for a nice Crab dinner!

To be frank, Qiao Tei Chili Crab (橋底辣蟹) in Causeway Bay is far much better than Temple Spice Crab. However, Temple Spice Crab is an open-air restaurant, i.e. smoking is allowed... ... he he he... ...

Apart from nice restaurants, stalls in Temple Street are selling everything from watches and leatherwares to clothing and souvenirs.

Other attractions include fortune-tellers and occasionally, Cantonese opera singers.

Anyway, time for dessert. Yeah!