Macon-Villages is an appellation uniquely for white wines produced in certain selected communes of the Maconnais wine-producing area in southern Burgundy. The appellation represents a step up in quality from the standard Macon appellation, and specializes in dry white wines made from the Chardonnay grape variety.

The named Macon-Villages communes are permitted to add their name to the Macon appellation on labels, giving forms like "Macon Lugny" or "Macon Fuisse" or to call their wine simply Macon-Villages. If a wine is produced from grapes grown in more than one of the named communes, then the wine loses the right to claim a particular village name, and must be labeled Macon-Villages.

The typical Macon-Villages wine is lightly floral and fruity, with a warm hint of citrus fruits. The best examples have a gently nutty character, like almonds or hazelnuts.

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