Is iPhone Dying?

Initially, Android phones sucked compared to iPhone. Then, Android phones improved, while iOS was was still much bigger than Android.

Then, Android became the smartphone market-share leader, and Android Market keeps growing.

Now, Android isn't just the operating system market share leader. Samsung, a single Android manufacturer, has also blown past Apple in global handset sales and ships 28 million smartphones in Q3 2011 while Apple only sold 17 million iPhones.

iPhone is dying!

Heart Sutra (般若波羅蜜多心經)

The Heart Sūtra is the most popular of all Buddhist scriptures.

The Heart Sūtra is made up of 14 shlokas in Sanskrit. In Chinese, it is composed of 260 Chinese characters. In English, it is composed of sixteen sentences.

The Heart Sūtra, it is generally thought, is likely to have been composed in the 1st century CE in Kushan Empire territory, by a Sarvastivadin or ex-Sarvastivadin monk.

The earliest record of a copy of the sūtra is a 200-250CE Chinese version attributed to the Yuezhi monk Zhi Qian. It was supposedly translated again by Kumarajiva around 400CE, although John McRae and Jan Nattier have argued that this translation was created by someone else, much later, based on Kumarajiva's Large Sūtra.

Zhi Qian's version, if it ever existed, was lost before the time of Xuanzang, who produced his own version in 649CE, which closely matches the one attributed to Kumarajiva. Xuanzang's version is the first record of the title "Heart Sūtra" (心經 xīnjīng) being used for the text, and Fukui Fumimasa has argued that xinjing actually means dharani scripture. According to Huili's biography, Xuanzang learned the sutra from an inhabitant of Sichuan, and subsequently chanted it during times of danger in his journey to the West.

data source:

Heliophorus epicles (Female)
Purple Sapphire

Equipment: Nikon D90
Lens: Sigma APO 150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS
焦距 : 500.0mm (相對於 35mm: 750mm)
曝光時間: 0.013 s (1/80)
光圈 : f/16.0
Focus dist. : 1.88m
ISO 值 : 200
白平衡 : Manual
Light Source : Fine weather

Louis Vuittion Goes Pink!

Marc Jacobs (creative director of Louis Vuitton) has said this about the new ad campaign: “It is all very soft and very sweet, yet at the same time very bold and very graphic.”

深水埗 飄色巡遊 2011.12.18

「社區和諧攜手創飄色巡遊暨嘉年華會 2011」


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